Frequently Asked Questions


What is Club Osage? 

Club Osage is our loyalty rewards program to reward frequent players with comps and other benefits.

How do I join Club Osage? 

Visit any Osage Casino Players Club and sign up for free.

How do I check my tier credit balance? 

See a Club Osage representative.

How are tier credits earned? 

Based on your PERSONAL rate of play.

What determines my card level? 

The number of tier credits you have earned for Casino play from the previous six months.

What’s the difference between tier credits and points? 

Both accrue while you’re playing, tier credits are only used to segment players into tiers while points are redeemable.

How do I advance to the next tier? 

The more you play, the more tier credits you earn. The more you earn, the higher your tier level.

Do my tier credits expire? 

Tier credits are earned over a six month time period and are updated weekly. If level of play does not remain at tier level or increase during a six month time period then downgrades are performed every January 1 and July 1.